It’s time to switch it up, Milwaukee!

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.
There has never been a young Black Republican elected to represent the 6th District in Milwaukee’s history!
It’s time to switch it up! Milwaukee, let’s try something different!

Currently, there are no Black males in the Wisconsin State Senate. Furthermore, there are none in the Republican Party. In Wisconsin’s 172 year history there has never been a young Black Republican, a millennial at that, in District 6; one of the most impoverished areas and highest incarceration rate in the nation. At this time Milwaukee needs representation in the party that currently controls the legislature (and will for at least the next four years). We need someone at the table that can advocate for Milwaukee citizens and bring much needed perspectives! Ask yourself, how has Black Milwaukee really changed over the years? If you said to yourself, nothing or not much, then we need to switch things up! If you vote for me, the district will have power that it has NEVER had before. It’s time for a change Milwaukee. Let’s play chess, not checkers.

It’s time to be bold and move Milwaukee forward. Let’s make history! Vote on November 3rd!